We in the program team are in charge of planning and organizing the schedule for the whole week. We search for companies to visit during the week and look for some interesting lecturers to come and share their experiences with us. 

So if you have questions about what we are going to do during the week, feel free to contact us!

Name: Wille Koskenvesa (Head of the Program team)
Age: 23
Why are you a part of IHD 2017: I am a part of IHD because Alexia and Isak clearly make bad decisions regarding recruiting. Also i like meeting people.
Fun fact: the answer about why i am a part of IHD is true.
Guilty pleasure: Napping when you shouldn't.

Name: Ida Andersen
Age: 20
Why are you a part of IHD 2017: I have heard that it's one of the best weeks of the year and I love meeting new people from new places and cultures. 
Fun fact: I started playing percussions when I was six yers old. 
Guilty pleasure: Instagram accounts about cats

Name: Edvard Björk
Age: 21
Why I'm a part of IHD 2017: I'm part of IHD 2017 because I love meeting new people and learning about foreign cultures!
Fun fact: Beerpong champion of Hanken!
Guilty pleasure: Telling military stories...

Name: Kasper Ek
Age: 20
Why are you a part of IHD 2017: I've heard amazing things about the week and wanted to experience it myself.
Fun fact: I was once tricked into tasting giraffe poop, yuck!
Guilty pleasure: Stealing stuff from hotel rooms

Name: Hubert Lindholm
Age: 20
Why you are a part of IHD 2017: I've always been fascinated by different cultures and I love meeting new people from around the world with different backgrounds and interesting stories to tell. 
Fun fact: I've seen penguins in the wild
Guilty pleasure: Drinking wine while cooking food on weekends xD

Name: Linnea Erkamo
Age: 20
Why are you a part of IHD 2017?:
In my opinion, seeing new places, exploring different cultures and getting to know to new people are the best things in life. This is also what IHD is all about and explains why I absolutely wanted to join the IHD 2017 -team.
Fun fact:
Last summer I did an Interrail trip through Europe and fell in love with the Couchsurfing Travel App. During my one month trip I stayed with ten different strangers!

Guilty pleasure:
Stealing high quality tea bags from hotels.