Name: Nicolina Massa

Age: 20

Why are you a part of IHD 2018: I really like organizing events and meeting new people, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do both!

Fun fact: As a child I was terrified of robots. I even asked my parents to return a robot toy dog that I got as a Christmas present back to the store because I simply couldn’t stand the thought of it being near me. This was 12 years ago and that thing still sits on a shelf somewhere in our home and has never been turned on.

Guilty pleasure: Chili-tomato salad dressing (goes well with nuggets)

Name: Maisa Dyhr (Head of the PR team)                 

Age: 20

Why are you a part of IHD 2018: I have heard only positive things of IHD from my friends who were in the team last year, and I think this is a great opportunity to meet people from different cultures!

Fun fact: I lose my voice easily

Guilty pleasure: Rye bread with cheese


Name: William Sundell

Age: 19

Why are you a part of IHD 2018: Because I love meeting new people and introducing them to finnish culture.

Fun fact: I wear even uglier socks than Jonna Schneider

Guilty pleasure: Salmiakki Koskenkorva (finnish spirit, google it)

Name: Ronny Eriksson

Age: 21

Why are you a part of IHD 2018: I enjoy meeting new people from all over the world. IHD gives me the chance to learn how people study and live their everyday life abroad.

Fun fact: After the last episode of OC a tear fell down my cheek because it felt like a chapter of my life had ended.

Guilty pleasure: Swimming naked