Name: Jerker Törnqvist
Age: 23
Why did you join IHD 2017:  To meet new people and be part of welcoming our guests.
Fun fact: My name doesn't mean what it sounds like
Guilty pleasure: Watching Netflix every evening

Name: Isak Rautio
Age: 23
Why did you join IHD 2017: After the week you'll see why. Will be both fun and a learning experience.
Fun fact: For every human there are a million ants. We're so lucky ants are small.
Guilty pleasure: BBC nature documentaries, mainly about ants.

Name: Saara Bergman (Head of PR)
Age: 22
Why did you join IHD 2017: Who wouldn’t want to be a part of IHD? A week filled with interesting seminars, amazing parties and people from all around the world.
Fun fact: I used to live in Greece, yet I'm so bad with maps that when my friends asked me to point it out on a world map, I thought it was Ukraine.
Guilty pleasure: Binge watching American Dad and South Park