Name: Elin Qvist

Age: 19

Why are you a part of IHD 2019: My sister had been a part of IHD a couple of years ago and she said it was an amazing experience. I love meeting new people and get to know different cultures so IHD seemed like the perfect way to

Fun fact: When I was a kid i participated in MGP, a song writing-contest for kids in Finland.

Guilty pleasure: Sleeping.

Name: Sebastian Mellblom

Age: 21

Why are you a part of IHD 2019: IHD is the perfect committee for me. As someone who once moved to Australia as a child without speaking a word of English, I’ve always had a soft spot for helping people who come to foreign countries. I’ve been a tutor in both junior high and high school and, naturally, IHD was a chance waiting to be taken.

Fun fact: I really can’t tell you my true origin. My mother is fully swedish and my father fully finnish, which makes me 0% finnish-swedish (finlandssvensk), but literally Finnish and Swedish. This would still be quite normal, but no, I grew up in Germany, then South Africa, and then ultimately Australia, AND YET I have to sing “Sibboborna” at every sitz. Messed up.

Guilty pleasure: Dad jokes, Gin&Tonics and sleeping in when I really shouldn’t… this applies to all three.

Name: Emilia Loivakari

Age: 20

Why are you a part of IHD 2019: I love getting to know new people and organizing different events, so this is the perfect opportunity for me to do that. Looking forward to february!

Fun fact: I’m a sucker for TV-series and I rewatch every series at least three times.

Guilty pleasure: Frozen gingerbread dough.

Name: Jonas Madsén

Age: 21

Why are you a part of IHD 2019: I found out about this one week that seemed out of this world, and it was love at first sight.

Fun fact: People sometimes sing loudly when they’re alone. I always sing loudly when I’m alone. I'm also half swedish

Guilty pleasure: British humour - the cringier, the better