Name: Hampus Djupenström
Age: 20
Why are you a part of IHD 2017: My tutor just happened to be the president of IHD and she made a really good campaign about it, it sounded like a lot of fun and just the kind of thing I like to be a part of.
Fun fact: My rap name is Sir Mr D
Guilty pleasure: Eating chili-cheese in my bed after a night out.

Name: Johanna Viilo (Head of IR)
Age: 20
Why are you a part of IHD 2017: I want to meet new people from different countries with different cultures. I also want to have a great time with our guests during the week!
Fun fact: I don’t drink coffee (expect sometimes before a party to stay awake all night)
Guilty pleasure: Watching KUWTK

Name: Henrietta Anttonen
Age: 22
Why are you a part of IHD 2017?: I want to meet and network together with international students and get an insight of how a week like this is organized. And of course to have a lot of fun!
Fun fact: I always sing when I am driving a car alone
Guilty pleasure: salmiakki chocolate