Name: Henri Salo

Age: 23

Why are you a part of IHD 2018: I enjoy hosting people and making sure they have a great time. Understanding different cultures teaches you about diversity, helps you break down barriers and creates curiosity. I know for a fact that IHD gives me the opportunity to learn and share.

Fun fact: I was born in California, which means I have a US citizenship. If you play your cards right, I’ll tell you who I voted for in the last election.

Guilty pleasure: Pesto. So don’t get offended if you cook dinner for me and I add some pesto on the side.


Name: Filip Styrström (Head of the IR Team)

Age: 21

Why are you a part of IHD 2018: I was an IHD host last year and it was a blast so this year I wanted to get the full experience of arranging the IHD week. I also love meeting new people and getting to know other cultures.

Fun fact: Got locked inside a park at night time while backpacking and had to break out of it while guards were chasing me and my friends.

Guilty pleasure: Pretending to study at home, but really I’m napping.

Name: Emilia Håkans

Age: 20

Why are you a part of IHD 2018: Because this is going to be a lot of fun!

Fun fact:  I’m better than Ingrid on Candy Crush, I’m on level 2500 ;)

Guilty pleasure: Breaking my iphone screen